Welcome to Nextend Social Login Demo

In this demo site, you can try Nextend Social Login plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows visitors to register and log in with their Facebook, Google or Twitter account with just one click. Existing users can link their social accounts to their profile and then log in using the social account without having to type their username and password.

WordPress login

Nextend Social Login seamlessly integrates with your existing WordPress login system and adds the login buttons to the WordPress login page.

WooCommerce features

Nextend Social Login has extra features for WooCommerce. The visitors can link and unlink their social account at their profile. When an existing profile is linked to a social account, the user can quickly log in to your store using the social account. They can also log in or register on the checkout page.

How to check out these features?

Go to the Shop page, pick a product, add it to the cart then find the social login buttons on the checkout page.
You can also visit your account to log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter. After logging in go to the Account details page to link or unlink other social profiles.

Login form at the WordPress comment page

Asking the visitors to register and log in before commenting is a common way to protect your site from spam. Nextend Social Login automatically places the social login buttons on the WordPress comment form if the user is not already logged in.


If you would like to learn more about Nextend Social Login visit the product page.

You can watch videos on YouTube where you can learn how to set up each provider and see a general overview of the plugin.

Do you need help? Read the documentation or submit a support ticket.